My private practice is currently full and not accepting new referrals.

To be honest, it is almost always full. Without writing a long essay about it, my practice is not configured to see a high volume of patients and that is the way I have set it up (at least for now). Even if it was configured to see a high volume of patients, it would still fill up, just a little bit later and everybody would have fewer appointments, and I would not enjoy the work as much.

If you send a referral I will consider it but there is a good chance I will not be able to take on the new patient – don’t worry, it’s not personal.

All of this being said, my private practice is set up to see referrals from family doctors and other psychiatrists, many of whom I know personally. This allows for better communication and mutual understanding. I see patients aged 18-65, and I will consider all diagnoses although I enjoy treating anxiety disorders and using mindfulness-based approaches the most. Child and geriatric psychiatry are sub-specialties in their own right and I defer to my colleagues with more specialized training in these fields. I also do not practice forensic psychiatry, meaning I do not see patients where the primary focus is the intersection between the law and mental health.

Please note my private practice is currently open on Tuesday afternoons, Wednesdays, and some Fridays. The rest of the time, I work in other clinics.  If sending a referral, please include name, date of birth, reason for referral, patient’s OHIP number / version code / expiry date, and physician billing number. Please see the Contact section for the fax number.

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